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We had a hot water heater to burst and start pouring water everywhere in our finished basement.While driving to pick up a wet vacume to pull the water up off the floor I spotted a Putnam Plumbing truck with their phone number on the back door. One phone call and Garry said that's an emergency I'll turn around and head to your house at once. One new hot water heater installed in less than 2 hours-a very fair instillation bill and we have a new family plumber...I hope they can be to others the blessing they were to our family. ~Bill Mitchell

Garry goes above and beyond to help get the job done. I spent a couple of days with him on my bathroom project and it went great! Great guy and always super helpful! ~Casey Chambliss, Cookeville

I called Gary on 12-16 because I had no hot water. I was confused as to why because I had bought a new heater from Lowes 5 months ago. Gary came and inspected the problem (which was due to terrible installation of the hot water heater). He was able to make repairs and got everything safe and sound for me . I could have had a serious situation develop, perhaps causing a house fire. I am grateful to Gary for his professionalism, and genuine caring about getting everything fixed safely for me. I recommend him to everyone. ~ Waymon C. Broyles

I used Putnam Plumbing twice now and highly recommend them. Right before Christmas when I called Garry in a panic with a water leak he was at my house in under 30 minutes and this was after 5pm! He got me temporarily fixed quickly that night so I would have water until he could get parts.
Excellent service and a nice guy! ~ Valerie, Cookeville

Garry Brown of Putnam Plumbing has completed a variety of repairs in our kitchen and bathrooms. We have found him to be a highly skilled and knowledgeable plumber, as well as an exceptionally neat -- the only traces of work that Garry and his staff leave behind are the repairs or improvements that they have made -- and courteous professional. Perhaps most impressive is Garry's willingness to listen to the client's concerns and preferences, then to carefully explain the various options that are available to address the client's needs. All of this and his prices are quite reasonable. I recommend Garry Brown at Putnam Plumbing to anyone who wants to deal with a truly professional plumber. ~ Janice Blackburn

THANK YOU GARRY! After a $900 water bill, I was sure my leak was going to cost me almost $2,000. With trepidation, I called Garry. He was out at my house in under an hour, and had isolated the leaking water line within 30 minutes. It was repaired in under 2 hours from the time he got there, and he saved me $1,200! You're a LIFE SAVER! :)
~Li Flaningam

Putnam Plumbing is the only one I will call.I had a clog in my septic line and he spent his Saturday off fixing it so we would be able to use our bathrooms.He also has replaced a food disposal for me and replaced some faucets for me at a very reasonable price. Very professional, honest, timely and licensed all at a fair cost. That is why I call Garry at Putnam Plumbing.
~Anita Obermiller

"This past winter when my faucet outside froze and the pipe burst, I had no idea where to start. A friend told me I had to call Garry at Putnam Plumbing. When Garry arrived he was professional and honest about what it would take to get my house fixed up. The price was more than fair and I felt great about my decision. I have used Putnam Plumbing since that incident and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a plumber."
~Dave Apuzzo, Cookeville

"Best service ever provided by a service professional." ~Jamie, Sparta

"He was on time and finished the work promptly." ~Bob, Cookeville

"Being a single mother, it is good to have someone you can trust in your home." ~Alecia, Sparta

"No worries with Putnam Plumbing on the job." ~James, Cookeville

"I use Garry for both residential and commercial jobs... from clogged drains to very large plumbing jobs. He always has a sense of urgency and has always been straight with me. I highly reccomend him for any job."
~Dale Strong

Garry came over after not being able to use my bathroom since we bought our 1960's home and had our bathtub fixed in just a few minutes! He was respectfull and reasonable and even took his shoes off. He had called earlier and I had mentioned I was mopping. How great is that? Would reccomend them to ANYbody! I wish I had called him sooner! ...~ Autumn, Cookeville

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